Best Gaming Keyboard under 100 Dollars

The market today is flooded with several types of keyboards, but it is quite difficult to find the right one. This article will be helpful to you if you are looking for a perfect keyboard for under 100 dollars.

A few things should be considered while buying a good gaming keyboard. We have discussed them below:

1) The first thing you should consider is your personal preference. If you like some features, don’t go for the keyboard with the same feature. It will be a complete waste of money because no one can use that feature properly. For example, if you are looking for a backlit keyboard then Logitech G110 or Razer Deathstalker are the best-suited keyboards for under 100 dollars.

2) The second thing to consider is the types of buttons on the board. There are several types of keyboards that have different types of buttons on them i.e., rubber dome, a mechanical switch, etc. Mechanical switches provide good tactile feedback and accuracy so if you require more accurate clicks on each keypress, then you should definitely go for it.

3) Buy a keyboard according to your profession. If you are a gamer, then go for Cherry MX Blue switches because it is meant for gamers and provide good tactile feedback. The same thing applies to typists; they should buy keyboards with rubber domes or membrane switches. These types of switches need less pressure than the mechanical ones so if you type all day long, then these types of keyboards are best suited for you.

4) Consider the ergonomics of the keyboard before buying it. You will be typing on this board almost all day long, so make sure that it doesn’t cause any strain on your fingers when keys are pressed continuously. The length and width of the keyboard play an important role in determining its ergonomics i.e., wider boards give better ergonomics than narrow ones.

5) Always choose a keyboard with macro buttons on it if you do some programming work on your computer. Macro keys provide dedicated buttons for recording and assigning new macros so that you can increase your productivity by a huge margin.

6) The last thing to consider is the layout of the board i.e., ANSI, ISO, etc. ANSI keyboards are good for those who work in US only but they produce weird symbols sometimes and this might cause trouble while typing anything in Spanish or any other accent language. On the other hand, ISO layout keyboards give access to several characters at once but there is no backlight option available for this type of layout; however, ANSI boards have no backlight option.

Top 1 Best Gaming Keyboard under 100 Dollars


Best gaming switches under 100 dollars The best keyboard for under $100 is Razer Deathstalker because it uses Cherry MX Blue switches and has a mechanical switch i.e., it provides good tactile feedback as well as accuracy. You will be able to play games much faster on this board than on any other board on the market now.

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