Best Over-Ear Headphone Under $50 in 2022

First, we need to understand that there is a vast difference between “cheap” and “affordable.” We don’t want our readers to sacrifice quality for a lower price, but we also know that not everyone can buy expensive headphones at this moment. Of course, many of those who had some luck will buy better over-ear headphones. And, yes, it is the truth that there are some really high-quality products in this category. However, it doesn’t mean that all expensive models are good and affordable ones bad. Luckily for everyone (not only rich people) nowadays, many manufacturers also offer great-sounding yet affordable headphones under $50.

1MORE MK802 Headphone

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The first thing you will notice about these headphones is their unique design which was created to mimic 1MORE’s famous one. You can pick between three colors: space gray, gold, and rose gold. Each color has a flat cable with a Kevlar coating. It should be mentioned here that 1MORE offers two more colors for this model but our experts think that they are quite ugly.

Even though the manufacturer claims that these headphones are made of aluminum, you wouldn’t guess that just by looking at them. However, they do look very nice and the earcups feature a stylish circular design. Our experts think that these headphones would be perfect for modern hipsters who want to stand out in the crowd. Speaking of which, don’t forget about their compact size which makes them great for travelers or commuters who hate carrying big bags with tons of stuff. As you can see in the photos, this model doesn’t have any noticeable protruding elements or controls since everything is placed nicely inside the earcup’s circumference which also features a soft cushion covered in leather-like material. The headband is also very comfortable and includes a soft cushion too.

The model is pretty lightweight which makes it ideal for extended use. There also isn’t much pressure on the headband since the ear cups aren’t heavy at all. We think that they are extremely comfortable and we can recommend them even to people who wear glasses.

In terms of sound quality, these headphones work fine but, unfortunately, they lack bass which makes music not as exciting as it should be. Also, some genres might sound quite dull since there isn’t enough high-frequency range. However, this model doesn’t have any serious balance issues or sibilance problems either so we can say that it can be used in many different situations without any major drawbacks.

One more “huge” problem that many people will notice is the lack of a microphone. This means that you cannot use them to take calls or talk with your friends via Skype, for example. Now, we want to mention here that these headphones are not made for those who love bass-heavy music and those who plan to chat on their phone often. However, if you don’t mind paying less than $20 for a fashion accessory and you like metallic design, 1MORE MK802 Headphones could become your next favorite choice.


  • Stylish metallic design; Compact size; Very lightweight; Affordable price.


  • No microphone; No bass (especially in genres such as electronic dance music); Sometimes high frequencies can sound quite sharp (especially on a high volume).


This might be the best over-ear headphone under $50, but people who buy others will surely have an enjoyable experience. Even though they have their significant flaws, MK802 Headphones manage to offer some great features such as stylish design and compact size at a very affordable price.

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