Best Smartwatch under $150 in 2022

Smartwatches are still in their early stages. This means they will keep improving and getting better until they replace most of the watches we wear today. Still, even though smartwatches have not achieved this yet, they are on their way to achieving it.

It is estimated that by 2022 there will be approximately 60 million smartwatch users worldwide. While this does not mean that regular watches are going to disappear altogether, it does mean that people are slowly embracing technology on their wrists. According to one estimate, the number of traditional watches being sold is expected to drop from 1.7 billion units per year in 2014 to just 600 million per year in 2020.

The main question now that remains is which will be the best smartwatch under $150? With new models being released constantly by different brands, there is no way that one could keep up with which is the latest and best. To simplify things, you can take a look at the basic features of any smartwatch and see what it offers. If you want something basic, make sure you check all the boxes required and you will not be disappointed with what it brings to the table.

Below are the top 5 best Smartwatches under $150 you can buy in 2022

#5. Basis Peak (Best Smartwatch Under $150)

Basis Peak is one of the best smartwatches that has connected GPS, multisport features, and heart rate monitoring technology, so it’s exactly what runners need to train smarter. The company claims that its Peak device is 20 times more accurate than the typical fitness band at measuring heart rate intensity due to its high-accuracy sensor. Another interesting thing about this watch is how it uses heartrate data for calorie burn. The lower your heart rate is the more of your total calorie burn is fat burning rather than carbohydrate burning – which means more of those calories will be used later on for energy!

#4. Samsung Gear Fit (Best Smartwatch Under $150)

Gear fit is the best android wear watch under 150 dollars and we all know Samsung is one of the most popular and dependable smartwatch brands out there and their gear fit is quite good with good battery life and good looks too. Many like the sleek design, the heart rate monitor, sleep tracking option, music control features, etc. The Gear Fit has an onboard GPS to catch bike routes or locate running paths without having to carry your phone along for the ride.

However, some people find that it can be slow when switching between apps or responding to messages but this is just a minor problem in this amazing smartwatch so if want something fast enough( the next option) the Samsung Gear Fit will be good for you.

#3. Pebble (Best Smartwatch Under $150)

The best thing about pebbles is that it has an amazing battery life of up to 7 days on a single charge and amazingly, this watch comes with an app store which means you can find apps for almost everything like camera control, remote trigger, bike monitor, etc. People also like its e-paper display because of one reason – it saves battery!

You may not get the same kind of regular updates as Apple Watch or Android Wear but Pebble does stay up to date with regular software updates so if you want something dependable(that doesn’t need to be charged every day) then a smartwatch is perfect for you and for this price, you can’t go wrong with a pebble.

#2. Moto 360 (Best Smartwatch Under $150)

Moto 360 is one of the best-looking smartwatches out there so if you are really into good design, no other watch will even come close to the moto 360 because it has a round screen that looks amazing! It also has an ambient light sensor that dims or brightens based on your environment – the only problem is that it doesn’t have standard watch bands so you can’t change its look but the stock band matches the color of the case nicely(alternatively, you can buy Moto Maker version of Moto 360 Smartwatch).

You also get fitness tracking features like daily steps taken, heart rate monitor, etc. so it looks good and does good things too which is what you should be looking for in a smartwatch!

#1. Pebble Time (Best Smartwatch Under $150)

Pebble time is the best because it’s super cheap with amazing features! The charging mechanism of pebble time is amazing as well if your phone doesn’t support wireless charging then you can easily charge this watch with a micro USB cable and it charges way faster than any other Android wear watches like Sony SmartWatch 3 and Moto 360.

You also get the same great battery life that you get on Moto 360 or Gear Live – around one day but this watch is water-resistant up to 30m so it’ll survive splashes and showers! The screen is also amazing with great contrast and the best part is that you get to choose your own watch face!

Moto 360 has an always-on display feature which means it shows the time all the time but this feature drains its battery very quickly so pebble time is ahead of Moto 360 when it comes to battery life. You can buy some apps for $2 on the Google play store like remote camera control, fitness tracking, etc. So nothing beats Pebble Time under 150 dollars in terms of features and price!

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