Best Universal Laptop Charger in 2022

Hello, readers! Today we will talk about our research in the field of universal laptop chargers. We hope it will be interesting for you and helpful at the same time.

It is known to all that there are a lot of types of notebooks nowadays. You can buy a laptop according to your wishes and requirements: from powerful right-bank representatives to a stylish ultrabook. So, you have a lot of choices in this matter. And the main problem is that the chargers for different laptops are not always compatible with each other, and it can be badly annoying for a user when an unsuccessful order turns out.

So, we decided to do some research and offer you our TOP-3 universal laptop chargers from the best manufacturers on the market. For your convenience, we included links to the Amazon store where you can buy any of our picks quickly and easily.

Top 3 Best Universal Laptop Chargers in 2022

1. The first thing which came into our minds was Universal Laptop Charger by BESTEK:

It’s extremely popular among customers due to its premium quality and affordable price tag (less than $50). As for its features, this one has everything you may need in a universal laptop charger:

• Voltage AC 100-240V. It’s great as not all countries have the same power sockets as the USA or Canada. So, this convenient feature helps to use it almost anywhere you go

• 70W/20V output is enough for any modern laptop with up to 20V power input (including mid-range and powerful ones)

• Plugs for different regions are included – US, EU, and UK models. This is a great advantage as most of the manufacturers provide only their native plugs with a charger so if you want an international version you have to spend extra money on buying additional plugs…  You will also get a nylon carrying case that can be used as a storage bag

2. Universal Laptop Charger by BESTEK:

Targus World Power Adapter (less than $80) is another very popular choice among laptop owners who care about their comfort and convenience while working with a notebook. What we liked about this one is that it’s really universal, so you can use such an adapter for your office and home appliances too:

• Voltage AC 100-240V, 1A 10W. As for the input power supply, its max value allows using it in any country of the world! You will get no problems with voltage and current in any country you go to!

3. Universal Laptop Charger by Targus:

The third product which should be included in this TOP-3 is the SADES SM-598 Universal laptop adapter, our best pick for people who are buying their first universal charger (less than $20). Despite its low price, the manufacturer offers a great set of features that can compete with other models on more expensive price tags:

• Voltage AC 100-240V, 1A 10W. Also, it has got an auto-switching ability which means that it will select the right voltage depending on where you are now. A great option to save your time and money when traveling around the world! And last but not least – you can use it with any device that has got an output power supply of between 15 and 20 volts. So, you will be able to charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

We pray our TOP-3 universal laptop chargers will help you choose the right one for your daily tasks! All of them are quality products that won’t let you down when using them. If you want to share your thoughts about these or other models feel free to write us a comment below this post – we will be happy to hear from you! In addition, don’t forget to subscribe if you want us to send such useful things as soon as they come out!

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