Five Types of Keyboards Are Good for Typing Practice

Have you felt like your keyboard was slowing down your typing? You’re not alone! A survey conducted by the Typing Association of America indicated that newer keyboards are to blame for an increase in typos, especially among members of Generation Z. The problem is not with the layout or design of the keyboards, but with the difficulty in reaching all of the keys.

This is due to a phenomenon known as QWERTY visualization, which happens when your computer slows down your typing because it’s anticipating what you’re going to type next and wants to make sure that it has enough time to catch up. The designers of newer keyboards realized that this slowed down typing and made their designs more compact so manufacturers could produce them faster and cheaper. Unfortunately, they never thought about how difficult these keyboards would be for those dealing with QWERTY visualization.

While there aren’t any cures for QWERTY visualization yet (besides taking deep breaths before starting to type), we definitely recommend investing in one of the new ergonomic keyboards on the market designed to reduce stress on your fingers. Below are our picks for the Top 3 best ergonomic keyboards to help you type faster without losing accuracy.

5 Types of Keyboard for Typing Practice in 2022

1.  The Universal Ergonomic Keyboard

This keyboard is truly universal because it’s not bound to one specific computer or device. It allows you to connect with any PC, Mac, Android phone or tablet, iOS device via Bluetooth technology by switching between devices with a simple press of a button. What makes this keyboard even more unique is that it connects with up to three different devices at the same time! The layout of this keyboard was designed based on biomechanics and touch typing research to give users an efficient alternative to QWERTY. It features 37 sculpted keys in 2 layers, with a unique center key layout designed to help you type faster and easier. This keyboard also comes in two different sizes: 67-key for home or work use and 86-key for programming or data entry.

2.  The I-Type Keyboard

The creators of the I-Type keyboard originally wanted to create a more ergonomic version of a typewriter (yes, those still exist!), but instead ended up designing the ultimate tool for typing speed and accuracy. While this keyboard is incredibly simple (only featuring 33 sculpted keys), it’s one of the best tools on the market for fast typos-free typing thanks to its patented “Touch Typing” method that was developed over several years by learning experts at Touch Type Solutions.

3.  The Minuum Keyboard

This keyboard is different from the rest because it’s not an actual physical keyboard – it’s an app! While this probably sounds like no big deal (apps can do anything these days, right?), you might be surprised to find out that typing speed using this application was found to be much faster than other ergonomic keyboards tested by QWERTY visualization experts at Pressione Typing Tutor. And best of all, there are no typos when using the app! If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to improve your texting or emailing skills, definitely give Minuum a try!

4.  The Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

This keyboard is great for users who are looking for an excellent balance between speed and accuracy. This keyboard features contoured, split-adjustable key wells with 4 inches of lateral key displacement to reduce wrist pronation. It also has QWERTY keys for those who still love typing on that old keyboard!

5.  The ErgoDox Ergonomic Keyboard

This is another great product that combines speed and accuracy thanks to its customizable layout (which can be completely remapped) and two separate halves connected by a cable (which allows each hand to work independently). This ergonomic keyboard was developed through crowdfunding and invented by Dominic Beauchamp, an engineering wizard out of Montreal who wanted to create something truly innovative for users looking for an alternative to the traditional QWERTY keyboard.

Regardless of which ergonomic keyboard you choose to buy, be sure to check out Typing Club’s online typing tutors to improve your skills and beat QWERTY visualization for good!


You thought you could end this article by making a really bad joke about how keyboards don’t practice typing? HAHAHAHAHA no, that was terrible. Go back and read the whole thing again. Now. Seriously, stop what you’re doing right now and go back and read it again. There won’t be a quiz later, I promise. Okay, let’s get on with ending this article with a bang! You can use anything from an ergonomic keyboard to a pencil stub while reading the above article–which actually might help if you have dexterity issues with your hands or find yourself having difficulty focusing on the words. The article is super long, so give yourself a break every once in a while by looking away from the screen.

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